WWUnits 1.2 (July 2000)

is an unit conversion utility. The database now contains 299 units at 36 categories and it can be extended. Registered users get a detailed description how to do it. Besides the unit conversion this program provides information about the SI base units, the prefixes and the most important fundamental constants.

planned featurs for the next version:

  • search units in database,

  • dialog for database extension,

  • choose of the program's language (english/german)

WWUnits has an easy-to-use interface. Conversion of several units at one step is possible.

(screenshot: WWUnits interface)

This program is shareware. The registration fee is DM 7.00 (or Euro 3.50 or US$ 4.00 or FF 22.00).

System requirement: OS/2 Warp 4

Download WWUnits 1.2 (ca. 1.1 MB)

(An older version (1.1) running under Warp 3 is also available, but only in german. If you want to test it please send an e-mail to: wwunits@wesargware.de .)


© 2000, 2001 by Stefan Wesarg

last update: 01.07.2002