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(March 2003)

WWMastermind 2D has finally been ported to Windows. The version 1.02 is ready for download.

(January 2003)

The version 1.02 of WWMastermind 2D (for OS/2 resp. eCS) has been published. Besides English there is now also a German version.

(October 2002)

An update for WWMastermind 2D has been published. In the new version 1.01 (for OS/2 resp. eCS) several bugs have been fixed, and a new 'Result' dialog has been implemented.

(September 2002)

The final version 1.0 of WWMastermind 2D is available for OS/2 resp. eCS. Currently the program is ported to Windows.

(July 2002)

A beta version of WWMastermind 2D can be downloaded. This beta is published for OS/2 only.

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