WWMastermind 2D

is based on the classic idea of finding a combination of colors. In this case the colors are distributed in a plane (2 dimensional) rather than in a line (1 dimensional).

Screenshot with arrangement »Triangle - small«

Several 2D arrangements in different sizes are possible.

The Windows version of WWMastermind 2D is shareware. The registration fee is EUR 5,- (resp. USD 5,-). (See the HTML help below for more details.) The program can be downloaded via the link below.

System requirement: Windows 95/NT4 or higher, 1024 x 768 Pixels screen resolution (or more) recommended

Program description (HTML file)

Download WWMastermind 2D v1.02 (ca. 550 KB)

Download IBM Runtime Library (ca. 11.5 MB)

IMPORTANT: The program needs the IBM Shared Runtime Library for VisualAge C++ 4.0 to run properly. In case that this library is not installed on your system it can be downloaded via the link above. More information about it can be found here.


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