IBM Shared Runtime Library

The programs you find here were developed using VisualAge C++ 4.0 from IBM . The versions running on the several Windows plattforms were linked dynamically, i.e. they need external runtime libraries (DLL files).

(The OS/2 versions were linked statically. Hence, they do not need any additional library to run on OS/2 Warp!)

The library needed here is the IBM Shared Runtime Library for VisualAge C++ 4.0. You can find out if this library is already installed on your system if you try to launch any of the programs you find at WesargWare. If the program crashes at the start, saying that it could not find a required library (cpp*.dll), you have to install the runtime library. In this case unzip the file you find at the bottom of this page into a 'temp' directory and run the setup program.

Using that library, i.e. dynamic linking has the advantage that the EXE files are really small. This makes program updates easy because only that part of the program that really has been changed has to be compiled and distributed again.

All Windows programs you find at WesargWare use this runtime library, and future programs too will be developed this way. So, even if the download file is rather large, download and installation of the library are the way that makes things easier and enables you to participate in future progress!

Download IBM Runtime Library (ca. 11.5 MB)

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last update: 02.03.2003